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Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • Daniel M. Smith
    Daniel M. Smith
    I want to strengthen the University of New Haven for future generations of students, so I have designated the University...
  • Tom Reynolds '89
    Tom Reynolds '89
    Tom Reynolds '89 and Trina Reynolds have taken the long view in their approach to charitable giving. As a member of the Maxcy Legacy Society at the University...
  • Robert J. Cole '60 BS and Eileen P. Cole
    Robert J. Cole '60 BS and Eileen P. Cole
    "I absorbed the University and the University absorbed me. Remembering the University gives me the opportunity..."
  • Sam Bergami Jr. '85 EMBA and Lois Bergami
    Sam Bergami Jr. '85 EMBA and Lois Bergami
    "We are so grateful to UNH and do everything we can to make this a stronger institution. By donating my 401K retirement account to the University..."
  • Ron Urquhart, '81 B.S. '90 EMBA
    Ron Urquhart, '81 B.S. '90 EMBA
    "My business degrees from the University of New Haven changed my life! I was able to apply what I learned in my evening classes..."
  • Rich Steeves '77, '80 MBA
    Rich Steeves '77, '80 MBA
    "I was brought up to give back. I believe that, 'To those whom much is given, much is expected.' My UNH education gave me the opportunity to have a satisfying..."
  • Karl Kulisch '95
    Karl Kulisch '95
    "At UNH, I discovered so many professors who helped me in my journey. Now I want to give back to UNH, and the best option for me is to leave a gift..."
  • W. McMaster
    W. McMaster "Mac" Clarke '63 SED
    Marge and I value university education. While living in Connecticut, we were both in graduate programs at the University of New Haven.
  • Grant Briggs, Jr. '54
    Grant Briggs, Jr. '54
    After serving in the Army, I studied engineering at the University of New Haven.